Small batch made from scratch

Our goal is to provide our customers with  100 % Plant based meat-less alternatives and cheeses. Items are made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Since we make our items in small batches, when we are out of an item will will remain so for the remainder of the day.  We are excited to introduce you to our new line of Plant based products. We can't wait to share our plant based product line of meat free and dairy free items. 

Coming soon!

 We are passionate about creating plant based meat-less products and dairy free cheese alternatives that taste great and provide you with choices you can depend on. We have been busy developing our recipes and products to bring you the very first Texas Plant Based market. Located inside the Dinosaur cafe. We do have a small selection of items for you to puchchase now!

Our brand "HAPPY PLANT"

Our brand was born out of  the desire to provide products to our customers that they could rely on. Our brick & mortar store will soon include many items you can take home and use! Plant based Items such as our seitan bacon, steaks, ribs, turkey, etc. We are locally owned and operated. Our business is 100% run by the Ray family. We are here for you every day to answer questions or to help you choose a product that is right for you! Our company started off very small with our brick and mortar store, The Candy Wraptor. We have expanded our menus and product line to meet the ever growing needs of our community. Our brick and mortar store is open to the public Tue-Saturday and we serve both Lunch & Dinner. We are proud to be able to bring this unique business to San Marcos Tx.