Candy Wraptor FAQ's

What is a phosphate soda?

A Phosphate soda is a type of beverage that has a tangy or sour taste. These beverages became popular among children in the 1870's in the United States. Phosphate beverages were made with fruit flavorings, egg, or malt. The Candy Wraptor Phosphate Sodas are made with Flavorings like Cherry, Grape, Chocolate and many other flavors We  combine the flavor of you choosing with our own carbonaed water and a dash of phosphate for  that tangy zip! Come in and try a egg creme soda (made with cream) or one of our delicious malts, shakes or countless other beverages. We have over 36 flavors to choose from making it possible to blend literally hundreds of flavor options. We offer Stevia sweetned sodas and egg cremes too!  

Gluten Free, Low Carb, Ketogenic, Paleo Pizza

Here at the Candy Wraptor we pride ourselves in our ingenuity and ability to offer alternative menu items to meet specific dietary needs. We offer a Gluten free, Low carb, Ketogenic, paleo pizza. The crust is a cheese crust and most of our pizzas are between 7-13 carbs for the entire pizza. These pizzas are big enough to serve one person. We also can make a pizza for you with a turkey crust! We also offer a large assortment of gluten free items, some vegetarian items and many no sugar added options. A Bedrock pizza meal includes a phosphate soda too. 

NO Sugar Added/Sugar Free

The Candy Wraptor is proud to offer items on our menu that are either no sugar added, or sugar free. Our no sugar added items are made with Malitol. We have found that malitol does  not cause upset tummies, or have a bitter aftertaste. Our diabetic customers have shared with us that our no sugar added items do not spike blood sugar levels. We offer no sugar added truffles, shakes, malts, phosphate sodas and other menu items as well. Our sugar free items are made with stevia. Stevia is a plant based product and can often times have a bitter taste. Our stevia is specially formulated so it is not bitter. As always, consult your physician if you have concerns about using no sugar added or sugar free items. We make no claims or guarantees but are just happy to offer an alternative for those who would like to try our products. We do offer no sugar added  Blue Bell Ice Cream!

Where did you get your name?

The Candy Wraptor name was born out of our love for dinosaurs and candy! Owner Paul Ray thought of the play on words and our customers love it! It describes what we do here at the Candy Wraptor to a T! and besides, who doesn't like dinosaurs?

The Dinosaurs

When you first pull up to the Candy Wraptor, our giant red T-Rex (named Rex) will greet you. Upon entering you will have fun finding all the dinosaurs around our shop. (hint- there is one hiding) Our most loved dinosaur is Val- the velociraptor. Our most popular question asked is where did you get your dinosaurs? Rex came from Austin Texas, and Val well she came on a boat from China, The rest of our dinos came from various places around the United States. 

Who makes all this stuff?

At the Candy Wraptor it is a combined effort of all of us. Ginger is our pastry chef and makes all of our delicious pastries. Lisa Marie is our chocolatier and makes everything chocolate that you see in our shop. Both our chefs are self taught and have no formal training. Both have a love for creating beautiful menu items that bring joy to our customers. Paul Ray is the designer of the restaurant,  and brains behind the Candy Wraptor idea! All three of them love what they do and look forward to many years of meeting families, friends, and community members and bringing sweet treats and sweet memories to San Marcos!